the 3rd films

by Roger Lawrence Goff III

Welcome to the 3rd Films!

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I designed this site to provide as much information as possible about my professional career, artistic skills, and life experiences.

I'm currently living in Los Angeles since moving from Minneapolis, Minnesota in January 2014 and am available for hire as a Character Actor, Film Editor, and Director of Film & Theatre.

I was born and raised in Minnesota and have been fascinated with storytelling since I can remember. I've been spending my academic time studying both theatrical and film based acting & producing. Independently I've studied the psychology of acting as well as comedy writing.

My recent achievements include writing and directing 3 one-acts plays, co-created 2 musicals, written and directed 2 short films for the Z-Film Festival as well as assistant directing dozens of theatrical and film productions. Most recently I have directed & edited episodes of the web series "Rough Love" and edited 3 music videos for Elliott Graber, Kevin Earlywine, and the band "The Sunshine." 

I am still as in love with storytelling as the days I first started, I have spent my life breathing life into stories to share year after year. I hope to work with more people who feel the same.

Thanks for visiting, I look forward to hearing from you!

-Roger Lawrence